VEGAN LEATHER what is it?

VEGAN LEATHER what is it?

  • Muhammad Usman
Vegan Leather

What is vegan leather?

The most important thing about vegan leather is that it is not made up of the skins of animals. 

Yes, I know you are thinking that if this leather is not made from an animal’s skin then what its nature is. Actually, this leather is made of polymer and natural sustainable materials. Such as cork, apple peels, pineapple leaves, other fruit waste, and recycled plastic.

Another thing about Vegan leather, it is a versatile product which is now using in a different kind of stuff that we are using in daily life. Such as jackets, purses, shoes, dresses and many other things.

Types of Vegan Leather

There are different types of Vegan leather. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these. Let’s start. 

This type of vegan leather takes the fibrous portion of cowhide which is left over from making real leather and puts a coating of polyurethane in addition to it.

It is known by different names, such as

  • PU Leather
  • Split Leather
  • Bonded Leather
  • Reconstituted wig 
  • Corrected Grain Leather
  • Bicast Leather

Polyvinyl Chloride Leather 

Polyvinyl chloride is a very versatile plastic that has an exhaustive collection of applications.  Flooring, car components, pipes, vinyl furniture, you name it. It is cheap and you can find it in different colors and styles. It does not absorb water.

Recycled Plastic Leather

Many types of waste rubber and plastic can be treated and processed to make faux-leather materials, such as older car tires and plastic bottles. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable and strong.

Apple Leather

The food waste made by apple and juice operations has turned out to be an unlikely resource to get a brand new breed of sustainable artificial leathers. 

The Apple Girl, have left a name for themselves by turning apples into the leather. 

Pineapple Leather

An innovative faux-leather created from pineapple leaf fiber. It does, however, need a foam coating during creation.

Banana Leather

Bananas do not grow on trees however, also the world's largest perennial herb, referred to as the banana plant life. Unlike fruit trees, which continue fruiting every period, the banana plant supplies just one crop of bananas.

Banana leather manages to be water-resistant, watertight and lasting all at one time.

Coffee Leather

 Now you can wear sneakers made from java. The java merchandise constitutes roughly 50 percent of the materials in the finished shoe, which also uses recycled plastic, organic rubber, as well as cork.  The finished product does smell like coffee, but we think that is a good thing.

All these are known vegan leather types but there are some more things which produce leather-like grapes, red pepper, coconut water, stone, and woods, etc.  

What is so special about pineapple/grape/Apple leather?

Pineapple, grape, and apple leather are eco-friendly and 100% natural things. All these types of leather give us different things like bags, clothes, and shoes, etc. 

  • Apple leather utilizes waste products, reducing consumption, and is exceptionally textured.
  • Piñatex is suitable for clothing, accessories, and upholstery.  Over a thousand brands globally use it.
  • Made of waste organic matter from pineapple harvesting, reducing consumption, and unique texture.
  • Grapes leather is also known as wine leather. Grape pomace is made up of grape skins, seeds, and stalks that are no longer used in the wine-making process. 

Does it take longer to make than other leathers?

I know you are thinking that vegan leather is better than real leather. If yes then read this paragraph.

As we know that the quality of any product is the most important thing. So if we talk about Vegan leather, it is frequently a good deal thinner than leather and far more lightweight.

If we consider style then the lightweight is good because it is possibly easier to use. An actual, very great quality leather may endure decades if cared for, whereas you could only receive a season or so from a pair of sneakers made out of premium quality faux leather.  

Besides environmental aspects, vegan leather is usually a lot cheaper than real leather solutions.  This is because it is cheaper to generate synthetic plastic leather than it is to produce leather. 

The significance of leather goods is an extremely skilled job and bespoke leather products like couches, jackets, and bags can be thousands of dollars. 

Producers can control these costs because they're considered both high quality and extremely durable.

How do I know if my handbag or purse is made from vegan leather?

Vegan leather comes in many distinct forms and attributes, therefore some are far more 'leather-like' compared too many others. Broadly, and focusing on great excellent vegan leather, then there is not a difference to actual leather.  

There are some qualities of Vegan leather from which you can find that your handbag or purse is made from vegan leather or not. 

Here we go:

  • Different types of vegan leather have smell according to the nature of the product which is used behind it. So you can get by the smell of whether your purse is made up of vegan leather or not. 
  • The organic leather, i.e. apple is not yet been analyzed for its durability, so it isn't widely created and cannot be made with a smooth feel finish.  
  • Pineapple leather, Piñatex, now needs a polyurethane coating through production, and like an apple, there are limits to its production and durability guarantee. 
  • Many vegan types of leather are watertight and don't demand the use of waterproofing lotions.
  • Vegan leather bags are softened with use and just like having genuine leather merchandise.

What’s so great about vegan leather? 

The vegan leather frequently exceeds its animal moves in regions of breathability, weatherproofing, uniformity, and fat.

Good for Animals?

It's essential for all of us to prioritize the wellbeing of all living animals on earth, and also the usage of leather is a superb way to get started reducing our effect.

Impact on the Environment 

Authentic leather demands extensive therapy before fabrication, and these damaging compounds both damage the environment and lower the biodegradability of this leather.


Vegan leather is very durable since it's water-resistant, stain-resistant, and may be subjected to the components. Vegan leather goods have been capable of sustaining against climate conditions and endure minimum wear and tear on time.


Research and progress to vegan leather let us complete control of the look and texture of merchandise. From variations in feel to changes in makeup, vegan leather supplies us with a broader aesthetic range.


Vegan leather would be the simpler to create and relatively cost-effective option. 

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