• Muhammad Usman


If you walk around any major cities from Paris-London-New York-Chicago-Sydney-Mumbai there are 2 things that you will see in abundance…. the obvious will be a face mask and the other most noticeable accessory that you will see is the Backpack.



May 23rd, 1800 The first clear, widespread and well-preserved occurrences of a framed backpack occur in Norway in the late 1800s.

The first patented framed backpack design was that of Colonel Merriam in 1886. It was a modification to the typical military knapsacks carried at the time. It is the first clear occurrence of an attempt to transfer the weight of the pack off the shoulders and onto the hips.

 The second patented backpack design was that by the Norwegian Ole F. Bergans in 1909. It utilizes the same rucksack design and added a metal frame instead of the wooden one. The metal frame was shaped to the body which made the curved shape of the waist piece allow for at least some weight transfer to the hips.

January 10th, 1901 The word Backpack was added to the dictionary.

May 26th, 1952 Asher “Dick” Kelty and Nena Kelty manufacture packs in their garage for 24 dollars. Their packs featured an external aluminium frame which ran the whole length of the pack and had a hip belt which allowed for some weight transfer to the hips.

 The first zippered Backpack was introduced by Gerry Cunningham in 1938. He used his father’s sewing machine to create a nylon bag with zippers in Boulder, Colorado.

 In 1960 the Vietnam War brought a new streamlined backpack called the ALICE. The bag was strong enough to carry heavy items and featured multiple departments that could be opened by loosening metal straps.

Back to Colorado again Greg Lowe invented the very first internal-frame Backpack. Due to the special wheels on the Backpack this was used primarily for business trips. 


Backpacks are most used by Hikers as well as Students. Most people prefer to use a Backpack because you can carry heavier things for a longer period without the use of your hands.

What do people keep in their Backpacks vary from the Phone & Charger/Laptop/Water Bottle/Notebook/Hand Sanitisers/Snacks to Camera equipment to School books. We seem to forget that the Backpack is light and trendy and is more commonly used by Travellers who find them very important whether they are on a short journey or a long jaunt.The Backpacks are an armour to the Hiker who you will never see one without the other!!

Parents are following the trend by kitting out their infants with Backpacks for school. One good thing about carrying your School books and Pencil cases around in a Backpack is that it will save time by not going to your locker to get a collection of books for the next tutorial which could make you late for the next class hence avoiding the dreaded detention!!

Most schools do not like Students/Pupils having Backpacks because when the Student/Pupils are all together there is likely to be congestion in the Classroom and the Hallway. A common issue with the Backpack at School is that there is an opportunity for the Student/Pupils to conceal certain items that should not be allowed in the School/University which may cause harm to other people.


Most people will look to choose a Backpack because of enough space to carry your items from Laptop/Camera Equipment etc… Most people like the different compartments that help them to be Organised.

Most people would prefer to have a Backpack that is Sturdy and Lightweight to enable them to carry their belongings with safety in mind with the load being evenly distributed. You get a sense of safety with a Backpack because the Backpack is always in proximity on your body and not like some other bags which you would place on the floor, especially if you are in a crowded place.

The ultimate essential in deciding what Backpack to buy is the most obvious… it has to be Waterproof.

The Backpack can be carried for a long period of time which frees up your hands so that you can see your Social Media posts!!

It would appear that the Backpack is here to stay. There are many types for everyone to enjoy either for Everyday Use/Trekking/Biking/Hiking/Snowsport or Travel. The Backpack has now become very Trendy with an abundance of Sizes/Types & Colours for all!!