There are many forms of Messenger Bags used worldwide on a daily basis. Whether you are a Mailman, Courier by bike or just a normal city worker who does not want to be using a Backpack there are choices in abundance for the everyday person. Backpacks are similar to Messenger Bags but most people find that the Messenger Bag offers comfort for people carrying bulky or heavy items and also it allows for easy access to the Bag contents. That is why you will see a majority of couriers wearing a Messenger Bag.

The Messenger Bags come in a variety of Designs and sizes and are worn over the shoulder which bodes well for the business Man that does not want to carry a bulky Backpack and wants to look professional. People like to use Messenger Bags because they are lightweight and comfortable when perched over the shoulder. Like most people who go to the office in the mornings even with the current world status will still carry a Laptop either via a Backpack or Messenger Bag. The Backpack offers more space than the Messenger Bag in terms of carrying office equipment.There is an argument for both but we will save that for another day!!

The Messenger Bag is an important feature for the carriers of day to day luggage.The modern version of the Messenger Bags can be credited to Frank De Martini who started making the Messenger Bags for Utility Linesman to keep their tools intact when climbing the high poles. The type of Messenger bag was a Satchel type Bag which was made from cotton Canvas and was waterproof.


The Messenger Bags are quite light to carry with items like Documents or Tablets & Laptops it makes it easier for the Modern day Business person. The Messenger Bags come with a zipper which makes you feel safe when travelling on Public Transport in regards to theft.There are compartments designed to fit your Phone or Tablet/Laptop.

The Backpack can be used to carry heavier items especially camera equipment as they are much bigger and sturdier. It can be said that the Backpacks can be uncomfortable and hard to control when balanced across your back. The Messenger Bags can move in front of you and frees up your hands for refreshment or a quick check on who's on Social Media!!

The modern day Messenger Bags have easy access so that you don't have to rummage around to find your items while in transit.The Messenger Bags are more comfortable and will have less contact to your body compared to a Backpack which when carried for a long period of time could weigh you down and you will be prone to sweat more due to the fact that the Backpack covers most of your body.The Messenger Bag is more maneuverable on your body.With the Messenger Bags which are single strapped you are applying more weight across one shoulder.With the Messenger Bags you are limited with what you can house.

As mentioned previously the Messenger Bags come in all shapes and sizes and colours and are used by Men & Women alike not forgetting the School children/Students. Variety is the spice of life and people will you use a Messenger Bag for what they deem fit for purpose.Most people that go to the office would prefer to be seen in an upmarket Leather branded Messenger Bag as opposed to the Hiker or Biker & Sun Worshippers would use a canvas based Messenger Bag.

With regards to modern wear the Messenger Bag is more versatile and is more supple if you are comparing that to a briefcase which some people seem to think is old fashioned. A Messenger Bag and a Backpack are here to stay and there are plenty of arguments of what is better. But as we all know it is down to what you use it for and how you want to look.