It is quite common for most people to be confused regarding the differences between a Clutch Purse and a Wristlet. They look similar but there are some subtle differences. Both are small and are primarily reserved for carrying items such as Mobile Phones, Keys etc.

For the Party people out there a Clutch Purse is more favourable to house your lipstick and even your mirror. The Clutch Purse can be worn in the hand, or on the shoulder provided it has a strap. It is normally used to for special occasions, but in reflection you can wear it at any time of day even if it is for a special occasion, whether in the morning or at an evening get-together with friends. The Clutch Purse is the preferred go to item for an evening event, although it is a bit high maintenance given that you must clutch it; hence you have to keep your hands on it, or else you lose it!

In short, a Wristlet is a small handbag with a short carrying strap like a bracelet. You can tell it apart from the Clutch Purse because it usually has a long handle for hanging from the wrist. It is also made from easy-to-clean materials. Handmade Wristlets are quite fashionable and most popular due to their quality and durability and they can be handwashed.

A Wristlet can be deemed to be Handsfree if you clip your wristlet on the side of your Backpack or Tote Bag so you can carry more stuff. A Wristlet is very useful when taking a trip because it will hold all your essentials such as Passport, ID, credit cards, & even your boarding passes so that they are close at hand.

Everybody has a different body shape. Some people have sloping shoulders which makes a Shoulder Bag awkward to carry. The bag will never stay still and will more than likely fall to the ground creating an awkward moment if you are with company. That’s one of the reasons why a Wristlet will be most useful.

The Wristlet can also be worn cross body they are compact, easy to style, and it gives you a hands-off experience so you can go about your day as this handbag hangs securely from your wrist as opposed to the Clutch Purse unlike where you need to hold onto it for dear life to not lose it. By using the Wristlet, you can overcome that problem. Wristlets are good if you have dresses that do not have pockets. This amazingly simple accessory is often overlooked by many who are going about their daily activities.

Well at the end of the day you can use your Clutch Purse or Wristlets for virtually any occasion whether you use your Clutch Purse to a civic ball you will make sure that it complements your style via the colour of your dress or shoe. You are what you wear!!